Derelict Art is a record label focusing mainly on indie and alternative rock acts and we are based in Brighton, London and Cambridge. 

The team currently consists of close friends Lawrence Davey and Oliver Barnett, aiming to provide our bands the opportunity to release their music digitally and physically as well as the platform for them to reach wider and larger audiences through shows across the UK and by providing management where needed. 

Most recently, we have been working with Psychedelic-Indie band GrassRoof, who are based in Cambridge, having released 'Tadpole EP', their debut physical release through Derelict Art.

Since being founded in September 2016 we have also worked closely with Lighthouse, a London based Indie-Rock band with whom we made our debut, double A-Side release of 'Brown Bottle Flu' and 'Loaded', as well as also working with Durt, a Psych-Grunge band based in Brighton. 

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